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RJ's notes 3 & 4

Навярно всеки от вас се е чудил как изглеждат героите. Наистина как изглеждат - т.е. това, което авторът си представя, и което би трябвало да се възприема като реалност (не, че сте длъжни тези образи за задължителни, разбира се). Е, чуденето свърши :) Изненади? Разбира се!
Този път разкритията от бележките на Робърт Джордан може и да не ви се виждат особено интригуващи, но в следващите части очаквайте по-големи „уоу“ моменти. ;)
И ако се ядосвате, че не можете да запомните правописа на дадено име - не се тревожете! И най-добрите не успяват :))

Part 3

● Rand was supposed to be blinded with a hot iron and his hand cut off, made to wander as a beggar. Elyn tried to save him unsuccess (developed character later in Elayne).
● The notes also said he would regain his sight and his hand, but not how. There were at least two variants over time.
● In the notes I’m reading, RJ hadn’t even decided that Moiraine had been there before. But at one point there were 7 Eyes. Originally, one for each seal. He hadn’t developed the idea very far when he settled on just one, and one Green Man…. (about the first visit Moiraine did to Someshta)
● Egwene: 18-yo Audrey Hepburn. Nynaeve: young Jacqueline Bisset. Aviendha: young Sophie Lauren. Elayne: 18-yo Nicole Kidman (!)
● In this file he put Hedy Lamarr for Moiraine. It was Michelle Pfieffer in another one. Also, Min: Isabella Rossellini.
● Something RJ didn’t make terribly clear in the books: Cadsuane is stronger then Egwene and Elayne at full potential.
● Liandrin and Serafelle have last names! (And some others who never had them in the books) Also, Hattori came from RJ’s notes.
● Just found evidence of a mysterious saidin/saidar scale in a Forsaken file. Not sure how I missed that before! So the men are also ranked.
● By the way, I meant the (living, as of KOD) Forsaken men (including Aginor) were ranked by RJ—haven’t seen any rankings for Asha’man.
● But I will say that Taim wasn’t in the doc I saw (KOD prep file). Nor was Sammael, Asmodean, or Rahvin.
● Also saw Alivia’s strength for the first time. I will just say that her strength surprised me. Semirhage too, and Graendal. Those three and Sharina go against common wisdom.
● Egwene had reached her full potential by the end. Elayne, Aviendha and Nynaeve had not. One very old Aes Sedai also had not (an exception).
● Some might have argued that Elayne and Nynaeve reached it by the end, but they weren’t really even close. Nynaeve was closer.
● Quote from the notes: “When Toveine is angry, serpents flee!” RJ was in a mood when he wrote that passage, apparently.
● In which RJ cannot spell Moghedien to save his life. *MOGHEDEAN? No, MOGHEDIAN. Definitely MOGHEDIAN. MOGHEDIAN MOGHEDIAN MOGHEDIAN.*
● RJ considered naming one of the Forsaken De’ath. No joke.

Part 4

● Actually, the disaster in the previous Age was in RJ’s earliest outline that I can find. It seems to have gone under the radar at one point, and then some elements of it were readopted later. Shai’tan started out as some kind of alien god-being, and the Forsaken as his alien half-men lieutenants, or something. 
● Between one-third and one-half of all Aes Sedai (possibly somewhat more) are either gay or (mainly) bisexual to one degree or another.
● Moiraine was once Imorgaine.
● RJ to Maria: “You will hate me for this one. Please give me a list of all geographical features mentioned by name.”
● RJ referred to the “ferrets” as the “fifth column” and the “vileness” as the “pogroms”. He sometimes used fan terms, like “sad bracelets”.
● In the nascence, Elayne teaches Rand how to read. His favorite book turns out to have been written by Lews Therin a.k.a. Jarad Telamon.
● Oh, and it was supposed to be only known by a few scholars that Lews Therin wrote it. Rand was to find that out much later.
● Evanellein thought her butt was too big. She was very insecure about it. I wonder if that tidbit will be in the Encyclopedia. :)
● A power weilder [sic] can be slain by an arrow in the back as easily as anyone else.”—from a very nascent outline. Sa’khan=only named char.
● I can say that Narishma was intended to be the fulfillment of the “follows after” prophecy from the time he was introduced.
● Or close to it anyway. He was Taim’s excuse for showing up in Rand’s quarters in LOC; that excuse was always an oddity.
● To inform Rand that he had found a sparker (the first). It was an excuse he probably thought he wouldn’t need.
● Sindhol means “Neverland” in the Old Tongue.
● Sorilea was an option for being a Darkfriend.
● Berelain’s relationship with the Wise Ones: no exciting reason. They just respect her because she makes the best of her situation and uses her sexuality as “a weapon”.
● The detail RJ put into this relationship in his notes is very demonstrative of why we should be happy this detail wasn’t in the books. He went on about how Therava dominates Galina, which is weird for Galina because she is usually “a top”.